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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  September 20, 2014 5:52pm-6:01pm EDT

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islam. we are not believers and we are all believers but not in the right believe. >> host: finally, karen elliott house, on saudi arabia, you close with an analogy with the royal 747. what is that analogy? >> i said the country is like a 747 cockpit, failed with geriatric pilots, meaning three elder the rulers, princes who would be king and the rest of the plane filled with malcontents who would like to turn the plane around and crash it. and somewhere on board there might be a pilot who can safely land the plane but may never get a chance. the metaphor is to simply say
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there are, i think, saudis who can leave the country but princes and others. whether the right people get a chance remains to be seen. >> host: former wall street journal publisher karen elliott house, a book "on saudi arabia: its people, past, religion, fault lines--and future". here it is the cover. booktv is on location. >> guest: thank you. >> every weekend booktv offers programming focused on nonfiction authors and books. keep watching for more here on c-span2 and watch any of our past programs online at >> during the tv's recent visit to st. paul, we stopped by, and good books to hear about the impact of the independent
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bookstores on the community. ♪ [silence]
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>> at restock a lot of fiction, books that people expect to find and along the way, books that are new to them. people like paperbacks as well. that works well at the store. and nonfiction is a very good category for us. thomas picardy's capital was an unexpected best seller in the early part of the year. another big category was regional books.
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most independent bookstores do very well in their local area. we are very fortunate in the twin cities and minnesota generally have a lot of strong publishers so there is a lot of good material to choose from. recently the great house of summit avenue, a great best seller. summit avenue is north of us and is those 3 words of wealthy built their houses in the >> host: food and early 20th centuries. is a beautiful street. in st. paul the literacy is quite vibrant. we have a lot of strong leaders here in st. paul. at the bookstore. particular the good for us that there's a strong community of artists, writers and poets in st. paul. there are several strong writing programs that the university. several lecture series and
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talking volumes, back here is the area where we do our events. we are a bookstore and we spend most of our time selling books. when we put it all together we put these tables on wheels and when we need to we roll them out of the way. we see people in here, bring out the microphone and give doctors a chance to meet their audiences. the challenges in an independent bookstore the challenges of any business, getting people into the door and getting to understand what the product are and to buy them. we are fortunate that we are able to stack a lot of books you don't find elsewhere so people are constantly discovering books they are not seeing elsewhere. we have good employees who recommend books to them, we are able to offer events and introduce people to books they don't expect to find but of course the challenges and
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getting people to come and understand what you have. that is something common to pretty much any business at this point. the online world is not very interesting. it doesn't have much in the way of character. doesn't make for an interesting afternoon out, doesn't offer people an opportunity to stumble on new books very easily. for all the online retailers offer it is hard to find something that will surprise you. they went there and rhythms against you and you get what everybody else got which you expect to get. what we offer in a store like this is a chance to discover something new that you weren't expecting. we probably have the book you are looking for but at the same time next to it is something you didn't know about and if you read the shelf doctor which is what a lot of our employees do on our favorite books, then you can find something new and if you talk to us we are able to suggest something new as well. what we offer is a real-world experience, we offer a chance to
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meet other readers at our beck -- book club or other events and the opportunity to discover a book you weren't expecting and in that way some things that we don't feel is going to suffer from online competition. the thing we are able to do is go deeper into the publisher's list so if you are small bookstore with a smaller amount of traffic you are not selling as many books in an average week, you need to buy the ones that will sell the best and that is a business decision. we are able because we have a fairly loyal clientele and steady business, a little riskier on books, and we are able -- and we wait longer for the customer to come in. in that way, we have things on the shelf. may not be able to find everywhere. ..
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>> adam tanner talks about the collection and use of personal data by private companies and the following night in las vegas, sylvia longmire comest former special agent takes a critical look at america's border security. and on thursday at the university of california berkeley journalism school, tom shorter reports on the use of psychedelic drugs or mental health care. and on friday from new york university, a panel discussion on feminism from the united states from 1920 until today


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